Selfie from 1909




This is pretty amazing.
But it was apparently Rembrandt who, years earlier, pioneered the duck-face selfie:


Huh. And all this time, I’ve been going around calling them “self-portraits.” As if they were drawn or painted portraits… of one’s self.


Panache! I also like the first photo selfie (1839):


Really struck me as looking “not at all old”. Maybe because it is something of a candid portrait, maybe its her eyes --not sure. Definitely going to check out her work.


Her arm looks too real!


OK, I’ll say it: a whole lot more attractive than most modern selfies.


Wow. Just clicked through all her pictures. Wow.


I’m fond of this one by Marianne von Werefkin, who was clearly a werewolf. It’s right there in her name.


I’m going with this. Not just her own, though. She’s really good at eyes and expressions. Having a wander through her work was like a nice warm bath for my soul. Just lovely.

And this… A really good print of this would look great on the walls of the Palais du Martian.
Another selfie from 1900. Great instagram filters on this.


My favourite is this one:
One of my favourite artists anyway :slight_smile:


My favourite would have to be M.C. Escher’s:


Picasso’s selfies evolved over the course of his career…


There’s a manga-esque quality to those eyes.


Albrecht Dürer did self-portraits his entire life, but the one from when he was 21 could easily be a modern selfie:


Well said. I think it’s good for the soul because her work has soul.



Thanks for posting this! I need to see more by this artist.


I’m always a bit thrown when I see an 100 year or more photo, or photorealistic painting where the person looks so contemporary


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