Sena's low-profile bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset

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These are great headsets! The wife and I each have one and use them all the time. They have a really good range and super clear audio. You can take calls and stream music from a bluetooth device(like a phone) as well.

I really want to upgrade to the sena20 though as it enables you to share streamed audio and voice chat at the same time. This would be great when we’re using our phones to get driving directions from a phone, with the sena10 only one person can listen to the instructions, but with the sena20 both people can listen and discuss how creepy the computer voice is.

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I’ve thought of trying it but it seems very large. The 20 is touted as the very best there is!

I will admit that the size is kind of a turn off. But I figure if people can hang a go-pro off the side of their helmets then this thing can’t cause that much drag.

Didn’t you already get a motorcycle helmet? And then another one? Not being a rider myself, I guess they are like hats or shoes but with more tech. You must have a wall that you can pick from. Take a picture of that and post it probably looks cool.

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So have had the SM10 for a looooong time and liked everything but the volume and bass of the speakers.

Then found out that they started making a new mic clamp that allowed you to plug in your own speakers. Pulling out the headset “speakers” from a set of Koss Portapros, and putting them in the helmet; nirvana. On my helmet the speakers sit right in the perfect spot and sound pretty f*cking amazing.

These new low profile headset and the SM20, I think come already built in with external speaker outputs.

I wondered what trying it with my Westone earbuds might be like. It either came with or for a few bucks I ordered an adaptor for plugging a mini headphone jack into the unit.

Can these be installed on any helmet, or does it need specific cutouts in the foam for the speakers? I went to their site but couldn’t find the support docs for this model. I have an Arai RX-Q. It would be handy to have this for GPS directions.

Any helmet with a liner you can hide the wires under.

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