Senator Mark Udall, go out with a bang: 'leak' the CIA torture report


If it’s even a remote possibility that he might make such a move, I sincerely hope he avoids flying in small planes between now and January.


Or, if he does fly in a small plane, I hope it has enough fuel capacity to join Snowden in Russia, because that’s approximately what he’ll need to do.

Why? As a Senator, he’s legally allowed to read out secret stuff for the public record.


I don’t think that’ll stop three-letter agencies from trying to get back at him somehow, they haven’t really cared about the law for a long while.

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Oh, my god, that is so cute. I wish I had a camera right now.


Really? I did not know that. Do you have a citation for that? My google was weak. I’d like to read the actual code.

I know congressmen can get away with all kinds of disclosures, but I didn’t know there was a sanctioned path.

You do have a camera, we just can’t tell you where it is located.


I assume he was being sardonic… senators are supposedly bound by the same laws as other officials, though in this case there’s a good argument that they shouldn’t be. And in reality, legal sanction would be the least of their worries.

The committee itself may change classification by a majority vote and release the report legally.

Sounds similar to the way that John Hemming (my old MP, and a particularly unlikable chap) used Parliamentary Privilege to break Super-injunctions (and raise his own profile).


Can we also have pics of a dead OBL pls?

With the now throttled O administration facing some degree of accountability and limitation, especially regarding release of any kind of important information, how can the writer think “before it’s too late?” referring to the new congress forming in January? They couldn’t possibly be more secretive and opaque than the bunch running the show for the last 6 years.

Reading it straight into the record on the floor should work then

I hope the torture report is just the start of it and the whole crypt gets cracked open.


“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” could turn out to be literal.


Yes, and releasing classified information is a felony under the Espionage Act. That’s what Ellsburg and Russo were charged with after publishing the Pentagon Papers.

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