US Senate unhappy that CIA censored torture report


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What are they gonna do about it? I assume just shrug their shoulders… Too bad we don’t have some sort of law making body that could perhaps draft some rules to reign them in a bit…

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The American people need a mole within the CIA (that doesn’t live in Russia).


I just can’t imagine why those uppity senators would be concerned about the same agency that just stopped denying spying on the senate during the writing of the report getting to censor it…


You mean like the one that worked overtime from 2000-2008?

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These groups are either trying to cover their collective A$$ or else just preventing the US citizens from discovering the truth as to what occurred during the post-9/11 time period which was not in line with our collective value system in the USA. President Obama needs to develop the balls to override these petty concerns and release the document from the Senate Committee in as much detail as he deems appropriate to balance the need for transparency. Senator Feinstein is absolutely within her rights as the Chair of the Select Senate Committee to demand the release of this information to the American public, especially after the now admitted piracy of the Committee’s computer system by the very agency it was constitutionally designated to oversee…what a nest of vipers. It only brings back memories of the man who walked on grass and killed it for eternity…Cheney. The man has no soul, but our Nation does.

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Aannny day now

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That’s all, (we tortured some) folks!


Wait – was that a Freudian slip-misspelling of “rein” there? Who is King of this (USA) country anyway?

Hey, these are true patriots that were just scared, and they’re working hard. Cut them some slack! They were just following orders! Illegal orders, true. And no, the ones that gave them aren’t going to prosecuted either, because hey, they’re hard working true patriots that were scared.

And to think I was so goddamn naive I thought Obama was going to clean up this mess.

If you don’t want to be told about torture reports … there is always the option of not torturing people.


The Senate should demand that either the CIA provide an acceptable set of redactions or else face the prospect of having the whole, uncensored report read into the Congressional Record under the Speech Or Debate Clause. But they won’t.

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