Pseudonyms deleted from U.S. Senate CIA torture report


“The Obama administration” no no no it was the American People who did that. Hm, maybe we need to be more specific rather than less.

We don’t want the turrists to figure out our pseudonym technology.

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I’m sure the authors of the report would be very upset if the public couldn’t read it. Very upset.

There are 56 words in the following sample paragraph pulled from the article. 15% = 8.4 (round to 8). Here’s what it looks like “redacted” using spoiler tags.

“This administration and the relevant national security agencies have indicated a willingness to sit down with those who have spoken out about this just in the last couple of days to try to find some common ground here and satisfy their concerns so that we can get this report released as quickly as possible,” he said.

Just 15% of information in text is enough to completely obscure meaning.


All clear now


So you know about the soufflé, eh? :wink:



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I had to disable my cookies to view it!

I’m going to assume that a lot of redactions revolve around Dick Cheney’s direct involvement. I’m not kidding. He was very pro-active in demanding torture, under the delusion that as long as we don’t call it torture, it isn’t torture. Karl Rove instilled that kind of delusion in all of W’s administration, that you can create your own private reality, at odds with actual reality, and if you repeat your delusions enough, they become true. With FoxNews running point on that one, it seems to have worked pretty well. Hopefully releasing this report with references to the war criminals not redacted will blow some big holes in that theory.


Have you seen Morris’ film on Rumsfeld? Rumsfeld pridefully discusses the “Snowstorm,” which was what his staff at the Pentagon called the constant flood of memos issuing from him. It isn’t difficult to see he was furiously trying to brainwash everyone, including himself. Of course, he and Cheney go way back and have been brainwashing each other for decades. They share that smug and clueless grin.

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I suppose if court action could ever be brought, that would be broken down into a whole lot of John Doe cases…

I’ll join you in that belief. As America’s influence wanes around the world, there will likely come a time when some of our elected officials will be called into some international court on charges of war crimes or some other horrible thing–this recent action seems to be preparing for that eventuality.


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