Ex-CIA officials named in US torture report won't get to read it




See, they tell you that you can read it and then they watch your telephone metadata, to see who calls somebody he’s not supposed to call.


I think they should just wait for Ed Snowden to release it to the public, then they can read it at their leisure :wink:


I assume the report is being prepared for nostalgia purposes only. A few CIA higher-ups can sit around and wistfully remember torturing those people.


This needs to get out there to document the Bush administration’s kidnapping and torture program, which will will be a much needed reminder for the folks who think Obama is Hitler/Stalin/Caligula.


That, and an extraordinary rendition of Bush/Cheney and a couple more for a fair trial in Haag.

Let them taste their own medicine, in a little more civilized fashion.


Just because Bush was also

doesn’t mean Obama isn’t sure as hell trying. He’s prosecuted more whistleblowers than bush did, and doubled down on supporting the NSA, and his handling of Snowden is completely fucking unconscionable. Sure he’s not batshit crazy like Bush was, but he is sure as hell a totalitarian, and pointing and saying “but Bush was worse” (and I definitely agree that Bush was worse) doesn’t change that.


Information about you is “just metadata”, which is perfectly ok for them to access.
Information about them is “sources and methods”, which needs to stay classified for national security reasons.


Any bets on how long we’ll have to wait for a maudlin and utterly shameless editorial from one of them, or their apologists, decrying the downright un-American lack of due process afforded these poor, innocent, patriots?


Well you know we do have this thing in America about the right to face your accusers. Then again, that only applies to a court of law. So I say it’s a fair trade - let the torturers read the report, and put them on trial godammit.


Obama as totalitarian. How’s that inflamed rhetoric treating you?
Edit: “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Yeah, Obama in a nutshell.


Fair enough. I didn’t hear people complain too much when I said it about Bush, and Obama is every bit as totalitarian-curious, if you will, as Bush was, which was pretty much my point, since I was responding to someone who seems to be under the impression that Bush was a lot worse, and I would argue that he was really only a little worse, in the grand scheme of things. Leaving the apparatus of a surveillance state sitting around with the kind of people who build a surveillance state is like leaving your toddlers at home with a loaded gun sitting on the floor. Odds are it’s going to get used in a way that’s not pretty.


Don’t forget Tony. Fucking. Blair.


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