Trump's administration is trying to keep the full CIA 'torture' report secret

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You just know Obama still has a copy. What if he kind of “lost” it at the Silver Spring Metro station?


I suppose he might enjoy reading descriptions of torture, since he didn’t put a stop to it. Probably not as much as his immediate predecessor did, though.

You know, at least Bill Clinton seems to have felt some shame about being ultimately responsible for torture, at least if his renaming and relocating of the most widely known American torture academy is any indication.


To be fair, given the amount of time that construction has been taking, we may find it in 50 years buried in a crumbling column.


The real torture is tRump himself, fuck’n torturous.


If it is confidential information, Trumpelstiltskin will probably leave it on a golf course or restaurant table somewhere. Or maybe he’ll have one of his kids read it over the phone to one of his shady wiretapped acquaintances.


Trump’s administration will be the most transparent on record. I’m sorry…:joy::laughing:


What do you expect from someone that stated, “torture works” and that waterboarding is, “minor” and “not actually torture”?


This is borderline trump derangement syndrome. Sen. Burr is the one who asked for it. Obama could have released it (at least it seems he saved a copy for the library perhaps specifically so it can be seen one day, but still, I have no respect for politicians who put off difficult decisions until well after there are any consequences), or at least fought Feinstein less. The Supreme Court could have taken up the ACLU’s lawsuit as well, but chose not to. The headline is technically true, but doesn’t tell the whole story making it sound like he’s the only one to blame. Sure, Trump could make sure it’s released… but so could a bunch of other people.


Yeah, just not to the American people. If you’re a Russian diplomat on the other hand…


While it may not produce any actionable intelligence, it can produce random scattershot inkblot narrative to use for alibis. And when even that doesnt find a useful threshold, there are those who consider it a perk of the job.

If the American public doesnt find these reasons compelling, then “national security” will get redefined to exonerate the guilty.


Right, we could just ask the Russians for a copy. If they don’t already have one they could always ask Trump.

Not that there is any real point seeing all the graphic details. It’s not as if anyone will be held accountable in any case.

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The report in comic form

Or a autocratic despot in a tropical island nation…you can learn about American nuclear submarine movements.

How is this a Trump thing? It was an Obama era dispute and the courts have ordered the current action.


You mean they really are as venal as they appear? It isn’t just a clever front for their secret altruism?

Trump tweeted, “Appearances are deceiving.”

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Facts are kryptonite to this admin

(Especially in this case because they ran on a pro-torture platform)

I heard this morning (via Le Show) that he included a copy in his papers, which were handed over to Archives. If all goes well his Presidential Library can release it as soon as 2029.

I used to listen to Harry Schearer (semi-)religiously, but my God his songs were bad.

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