Judge orders that Gitmo force-feeding videos be preserved


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The current “scandals” provide a distraction from all sorts of real issues, but I think one emphasis on Obama scandals is because there is a 4,000 p[age Senate report on Bush era kidnapping and torture. It’s not clear when it will come out, because very federal agencies will want redactions, but when (if) it does come out, it will be huge.

Until then, notice how hard everyone is working to ignore it.


Well, now that a judge has ordered it, we can be sure that instead of being destroyed they will be somehow magically lost in a storage/administrative mishap for which nobody can be held responsible (or at least nobody over the rank of private).


Pretty sure the torture tapes were willfully destroyed after a judge ordered them not to be, and there has been no consequences.


Good luck with that.

What you can pray for is another whistle-blower who will show all the un-redacted stuff in all its horror. Snowden was/is wonderful, but I am sure there is more to come out…


That info is locked up where nobody can get at it. Can you imagine how disastrous it would be for the American government to have that out in the open - it would be graphic, undeniable, and pretty much impossible to spin.

And that’s why we will never see it.

I thought it was already out in the open. To any reasonable and aware person, it’s already graphic and undeniable. Sadly, we haven’t yet achieved impossible to spin.

I can imagine (based on the absolute tenacity of the Administration to keep it under wraps) that whatever the photos show is worse, not just in a torture way but in a way that would seriously undermine the government’s credibility and probably the military’s standing.

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