Judge ordered US military to turn over its video of Gitmo force-feedings. So military stopped filming


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Nothing to see here folks, go back to DWTS.

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Good grief. The only thing the USA is good at anymore is ass covering.


Dot worry the order to stop filming is retroactive, so all that nasty video has ceased to exist, or will shortly.


The recordings have been misplaced in a file cabinet which was destroyed in a fire and is immaterial since according to our records they never existed to begin with and it would take too long to find them which would dismantle the national security apparatus resulting in an immediate threat to the US.


At least we now know they’re capable of shame, seeing that if the taxpayers knew what they were doing it would be a problem. Torture evidence tamperer and destroyer Jose Rodriguez breathes yet another sigh of relief.

Soon, NO governmental agency will feel compelled to comply with ANY order from the Judicial branch. Around the same time, you will see military officers openly backing politicians or running for office IN UNIFORM WHILE ON ACTIVE DUTY.

People jabber about US Imperialism. Babies, it ain’t even STARTED to get Caesarish here yet.


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