Trump won't stop tearing up official papers so the White House archives employ a staff to tape them back together for the National Archives


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which is fine if you’re a CEO (maybe)

If you’re a corrupt and shady CEO who’s been trained that any written record could be incriminating. Since he’s also an egomaniac, though, his Twitter spew of consciousness writings continue unabated.


Trump doesn’t even have to be doing this from a residual grifter-mobster mentality. It could equally be from his “big-boy” self image. “This is how I solve problems… When I rip it up, it’s done with…” Alternatively, it’s one of his OCD/“I’m Bored” habits (mimicking the way he will move, remove, and fidget with water bottles and place settings at his desk).

Either way, just another peek into just what an unsettling, inappropriate creature this is for the office he holds.

Q: How Long Now ???
A: About 15-30 seconds less than when you started reading this paragraph.


And incompetent. A competent crook would drop them in the shredder.

It reminds me of Lord Conrad Black carrying incriminating documents out the back door of his building, in full view of his own security cameras.


Trump: the reincarnation of Nixon and Deep Throat in one body, sans intelligence.


Maybe he’s just making confetti for his military parade? (or is it covfefe?)


Conrad Black was smart, but that sense of his own intelligence led to arrogance and a belief he was untouchable. This is just stupidity, self-satisfaction and an expression of arrested development @petzl mentions above.



Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between space-bending arrogance and stupidity.





I’m looking forward to hearing from the guy who’s tasked with gluing his crayons back together each time he snaps them in half in a fit of rage.


“Both men originally agreed to speak to POLITICO for a story about why they believe they were unfairly terminated from jobs they expected to hold onto until they retired. Both said they were forced to sign resignation letters without being given any explanation for why they were being dismissed.”

Yeah, I’d have things to say as well. My spidey sense is tickling on this story. While it’s completely plausible, it’s worth questioning as the WH is currently filled with liars, crooks and thieves.

Two fired trumpers collaborating stories for Politico? Meh Career govies after all.

Still smells funny.


It’s depressing to me that the first post or so on this thread didn’t snarkily confuse this story as something by The Onion. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

How much longer do we have to put up with this guy’s – to put it mildly – malfeasance?


But her emails


That makes me wonder if anyone has ever installed a shredder-skimmer that scans a document as it’s being shredded, the way ATM skimmers steal your numbers…

Also, when my company was smaller, back in the old days, we occasionally would be given stacks of envelopes to stuff for outreach mail blasts in between our real jobs. It was a no-pressure thing, just to get it done before the next big mailing. My boss would take the biggest stack herself. It was actually kind of a relaxing break from the madness. I wonder if it became therapeutic for these staffers after a while, having at least one task that made a kind of linear sense.


It’s going to take more than Scotch tape to repair the damage he and his administration are doing to the country…


Of course the Archives will undo this and then redo it with something more archival than scotch tape.

“Can’t be persuaded to not do this” is some combination of “can’t learn new things” and “Laws? Laws don’t apply to me.”

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They weren’t Trump hires. Career government.