Trump won't stop tearing up official papers so the White House archives employ a staff to tape them back together for the National Archives



This! Our president can’t learn new things! He is cognitively compromised! Why aren’t we all in a panic about this?!




he did it deliberately.


It’s just his 5th dimensional filing system.


So sick of this shit.


Ok. I know I’m being naive, but isn’t flagrantly, repeatedly violating the Presidential Records Act (yet another) impeachable offense? I mean, I can’t see anyone going on record as wanting to remove a sitting president for tearing up paper. And we all know an impeachment will never happen. But theoretically?


This article sort of misrepresents what actually happened. The White House fired these guys for preserving presidential records. It’s Orwellian, but not in the way the article’s title and Cory’s post make it sound. These were the guys pulling things back out of the Memory Hole, until someone got wind of it.


The hypocrisy of the Republican party knows no bounds. They said Hillary Clinton needed to be locked up because she deleted emails and used a personal server (and maybe that’s true) but if so then George W. Bush should have been prosecuted for also having his staff use a private server ( and deleting several million emails. And even if you give Bush a “mulligan” because email was some new confusing technology to him and his staff, there’s no confusion about what shredding papers represents here.


Someone please FOI some of these docs.


It’s a criminal act. Everyone wants to talk about how stupid he’s being and all I want to talk about his how criminal he’s being.


For $70,000 a year, it seems like these guy’s time would be better spent printing official documents onto tyvec or some other, more durable material.


say what?


It’s not that he doesn’t understand that he should not do this. It’s that he doesn’t care as he doesn’t expect to suffer any consequences.


Yeah, but he can just pardon himself, again. Because he said so, and his legal opinion is the only one that matters.
I’m not joking, I don’t see anyone stopping him.


My guess is that the two who were fired were caught in a purge looking for leaks. Never mind that there’s no evidence of them leaking, and that their job was a legally required task. When it turns out they were not replaced, hopefully prosecutors can add this to Trump’s list and extend his sentence.


“How DARE you try to obey the law!”




mmm, Buttery Males


Exactly. And if anyone asks why any especially ‘troublesome’ documents were torn up, Trump can say, Heck! I tear ALL my documents up.