US lawmakers say CIA censored torture report to avoid embarassment


That sure worked well…

Unfortunately, so long as the narrative remains “A three letter agency did some stuff and there was a controversy, a few senators said mean things to a guy about it and absolutely nothing happened to anybody remotely important, because we are looking forward not backward and so on.”, I would have to go with ‘yes, yes it did.’

“The CIA” isn’t really something capable of embarassment, just an abstraction to which actions taken by its members can be ascribed, and so far it has done fairly well at diffusing attention(much less risk of actual consequences) focused on any of its member and collaborators. A few very high level names are connected with creepy legal memos, and a few privates have been thrown under the bus for being tacky enough to take pictures; but aside from that? crickets


What amazes me is that they lie to “prove” that torture actually produced important information for the purpose of a) protecting themselves from prosecution for violating numerous treaties and laws against torture (as if proving it “works” means violations of law are justifiable), and b) to protect their torture practices.

Apparently it has worked out very well, because if you listen to Obama’s recent speech, and read about what torture practices were actually outlawed by him, only some were outlawed while others were not ( In other words, they believe their own lies about torture’s effectiveness, else why would they continue to use torture? Its just one more piece of evidence that our nation has lost all sense of reality and moral compass.


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