The DoJ won't let anyone in the Executive Branch read the CIA Torture Report

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The DoJ is part of the executive branch… The head of the DoJ is the Attorney General who serves at the disposal of the president.


No one at the DoJ read it either?


Probably protected under attorney–client privilege…
Here’s some info (that I have barely skimmed)
FOIA Guide, 2004 Edition: Exemption 5 | OIP | Department of Justice
FOIA Update: OIP Guidance: The Attorney-Client Privilege | OIP | Department of Justice


That makes sense. I hadn’t thought about the attorney–client privilege angle. So, if the client was congress and congress represents the people, does that make the people the client? If so, I’d like my copy please.


Right now the ball’s in Loretta Lynch’s court. If it were still Eric Holder’s game, nothing would come of this.

My hope is they’re writing to her (when they didn’t write to him) because they think she’ll actually act on this.

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Oh Senator Burr, you really are a fucken asshole (Charlotte Observer):

"I just don’t know what you would accomplish with hearings,” he said in an interview. Asked if he saw any kind of follow-up, Burr said, “No. Put this report down as a footnote in history.”

He also thinks the report,

“...only endangers our officers and allies in a blatant attempt to smear the Bush administration.”

Because the Bush administration, as everyone knows and especially now, is pure as the driven snow. And here I’ll pause to spit out the vomit that’s suddenly upwelled in my throat.

But hey, being a fucken asshole isn’t only for folks in the Legislative branch. Our Man Brennan, CIA director, had this to say about the report (NYT link):

He said that while it focused on “some of the real shortcomings” of the detention program, “it did not take into account the tremendous sacrifice and service of some C.I.A. officers in keeping this country safe.”

Well I certainly wouldn’t want to trample on the career of a fine, upstanding, above-the-board official working for the Central Intelligence Agency, especially not to review or correct one of the worst failures of our government since…the last time agents of the American state security apparatus renditioned and tortured people. Wouldn’t want to correct that one bit.


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