Senator Ron Wyden introduces a bill banning FBI backdoors


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You could consider this an interesting bill to press forward. More than likely it won’t pass, but i think the upshot is that it’ll be apparent who is in the FBI and NSA’s pocket.


And dammittohell, I’m pretty sure I already know how my Congresscritters will vote on this.

If it ever gets to a vote :frowning:

I’m torn between my personal belief that no senator should serve more than 8 years and how much I like this bill.


So, you’re in favor of a limit of 1 1/3 terms? :slight_smile:


I guarantee my “Democratic” Senator from Pennsylvania will vote against this.

More like limiting terms to 4 years and two consecutive terms.

“Wyden makes me want to move to Oregon.”

Powells could use an author laureate.

“It’d be nice to be represented by a lawmaker who wasn’t a total, colossal asshole for a change.”

I am continually pleased by this. It’s nice for once to actually be able to vote for someone you want in office rather than just vote for the lesser of two weasels.


Good cover, man! :wink:

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Unfortunately, you are still bound by the laws that all the other congresscritters vote for.

If anything, you’re better off staying where you are, and hoping to elect more lawmakers such as the ones you like. This guy already got voted into office. He doesn’t need your vote :slight_smile:

This is the one reason why I was never onboard with term limits. Wyden is there for a reason; despite his tenure, he knows that the world is changing around him. He went into office before there were those newfangled intermets, and he’s keeping abreast of its ongoing development.
A well-educated voting base is more effective in the long run than any blanket rules; a good job should be rewarded.


The Congress can’t pass gas right now. Maybe in a decade or so, but it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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Oh noes! Someone on the internet mixed up the terms for congress and the senate. It’s a good thing we have you to point it out with snark. I don’t know how the internet would work without you. Good catch you eagle eyed random commenter.

I get that and it would be a shame to have to do without his excellent work for a few years, but my conviction regarding the importance recycling the legislature remains. I’m sure there are many other people in Oregon could do just as good of a job and if Wyden wants to run again after someone else gets a chance then he’s free to re-apply for the job. He could even go back to the House if he wants to stay in Washington.
I suspect there are even better people than Wyden who will never get a chance to serve simply because fighting an incumbent is nearly impossible these days.

Well put. No doubt true, but as the saying goes, those who are smart enough to do the job are also smart enough to know what a shitty job it really is. Then there’s losing seniority to head committees, and just knowing the ins and outs of the job that newbies haven’t learned yet. So it’s that delicate balance of pros and cons.

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Quite right, but as Mindysan33 points out [here][1]

congress is not just made up of congresscritters, but a whole host of people who work behind the scenes to make it happen. Keep other employees the same, and you can carry on that institutional knowledge.

As for as the committee seniority is concerned, once you get rid of the long timers, those committee heads will become a functionary position rather than being just another source of corruption like it is today.
[1]: What is your favorite term limit scheme?


Oh, please, settle down, I was just giving ya sh!t… not sure what’s happening to boingboing when we can’t rib each other.

(ha, ha! random commenter… good one… I’ve been around here for many years, good sir)

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Yeah, I really need to catch up on my who’s who of BoingBoing commenters… oh wait, I don’t bother to follow who posts what. Maybe because it matters less to me that what’s in my shoe. Is it a pebble? Just grit? It’s hard to tell. I should head to the restroom and check this out. It could be a terrorist device or an alien implant.

ok, sure. whatever.

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I’m not sure what’s happening to boingboing when we can’t rib each other.

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Touche, sir! :slight_smile:

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