Send a Togolese 3D printer made out of ewaste to Mars


Well, this is cool. Glad it’s met its funding.

Linked from the site though - damn, that’s a massive (and disgraceful) amount of e-waste we’re dumping in Africa.

This idea seems totally crazy to me. It is expensive to send stuff to Mars. Shouldn’t it be, like, worth it?

i think this was more meant in the way of “if we send people to mars, they should take a 3d printer with them that could be fixed even without proper workshop or spare parts.”

parts that are not necessarily have to be specialized 3d printed parts, so they can keep this potentialy quite important item running, printing spare parts which would require work shops with relatively heavy machines.

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I thought this whole idea was really cool until the “Let’s send it to Mars” part. Like, uh, yeah, ok. Not to be a dick, but that’s about as likely to happen as the Little Prince flying over on a comet that he catches in his butterfly net.

Now if we could get an army of robo automatons to build a space elevator, now that would be a good (if only slightly less far-fetched) idea. Maybe an army of robo automatons for building roads or pipes for sewage and possibly for clean water?

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