Sense8 co-creator J. Michael Straczynski on the logistics of filming a global story

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Just saw the first episode.

That was super cool.

Also, want to know more about the Van Daam and Bat Van rivalry.


I rather liked that it was slow and character-driven (the overarching plot doesn’t even really get going until the end of the season), and what’s interesting is that it strikes me as a show that couldn’t have existed anywhere but Netflix. Network television would never, ever make a show like this, nor could I see even premium cable taking such a risk, given both the cost, structure and pacing. It’s something that almost needs to be binge-watched to work.

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Yes! I really enjoy a character piece that has a nice slow burn. I feel like a lot of people don’t. I think it makes it more satisfying when the payoff happens as they slowly get more and more used to communicating with each other. And as for network television … well, I forget that Netflix isn’t subject to the same restrictions. Network television would also not have so much penis. Surprise! Rainbow dildo and Wolfgang penis!

My brother, who is trans, couldn’t get past the second or third episode because Nomi’s mother is so awful but I told him it’s better after that.


Yeah, it needed the time to develop. The pleasure of the show is all the disparate characters, their individual dramas and the slow building up of interactions, which because of combinatorial issues necessarily takes a lot of time as well. I really hope they do at least a second season.
Nomi’s escape from captivity was as much an escape from her mother as from the waiting lobotomy. I hope the mother returns for season 2 just so we can get a nice satisfying, “Seriously, fuck you, Mom” scene.


I love this show. Which probably means that it’s destined for nothing. :frowning:

I was talking to somebody about this show, and they hated the sex scene in Episode 6. Said it took too much time away from the other stuff. Depending on when you consider the sex to start, it’s either five or three minutes. Not hugely egregious, I’m afraid. I thought it was well done. Another person I saw was disgusted with the disposition of the strap-on after the sex in the first episode. Which quite frankly, I had already expected.

I really am looking forward to the next season. And I agree with Shuck. That Fuck you scene with Nomi’s mother will be worthy.

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