'Sense8' Canceled at Netflix (Update: Not so fast!)


Sad day.

As a Wachowski and JMS fan, I’ll miss the writing and staging. I loved the story, characters, and especially diversity of the project.

This is interesting, because unlike traditional tv where hit shows can demand more revenue from advertisers, Sense8 cannot, so I wager the project (being truly global and shot in 4K), was just way too expensive to continue.



I was sad to read this today also. I knew that Netflix was on the fence about even a second season since they waited a really long time to confirm it. But I was hoping that the results would make them more confident in the show. The second season met my expectations of quality while going in some unexpected directions that I thought offered the story some longevity.

If I was not so busy now I would probably celebrate season two and mourn season three by watching it again now. But it will need to wait.

It was so technically and thematically daring and wonderful that I will miss it terribly. Maybe we can petition Netflix into approving a movie to finish the story with. It is so hard to find media which deals with explicitly transpersonal themes.


Hopefully, there will be enough fan support to kick-start a movie.

It just can’t end the way the 2nd season left it; poor Wolfgang!


Bummer. Ms Tachin recently got into the show, now I’m going to have to break it to her! :cold_sweat:


Apparently there’s a Change.org petition with over 100k signatures already. I really REALLY love that show.


I’m going to give Netflix the benefit of the doubt and assume the axe was aimed at Iron Fist but missed its mark. /s


The production values in Sense8 were insanely high. It felt like a big budget movie.

They did have to kick out the one black actor because apparently he wasn’t cool with transgender stuff. Look it up if you are curious. It was funny how one episode it was suddenly this totally different guy. They even sorta joked about it with that “did you get a haircut?” line.

(Though you’d have to be supremely clueless to join a Wachowski series and not know what you’re signing up for…)


I still found it kind of weird that they didn’t even TRY to get an actor that looked anything like him. The first Capheus was a short baby-faced ray of sunshine. The new one is a tall, ripped, brooding guy. He’s like twice the size of the first actor. It’s like they went for a totally opposite look.


Yeah, I was not digging the new Capheus that much; he lacks the same kind of charisma.

It sucks if the original actor was transphobic, (but I don’t know what his being Black has to do with anything, though.)


It was the smile that bugged me. That new guy hardly smiles at all. Not like S1-Capheus, anyway.


OK, now that the show is over I can ask “is this something I should watch or is it just going to piss me off when I get to the end and it ends up being the first half of a cliffhanger episode?”



And yes.





There’s no joy to Capheus2, and that was one of the selling points of Capheus’ story; optimism in the face of the worst kind of poverty and oppression.


They hired a different actor to do the Oracle in the middle of the Matrix series, although in that case I think the first one died rather than being fired.

Whatever happens, the Wachowskis shoot what’s on the page.


They still have a choice in whom to cast, though; and that one was not a wise decision.


To clarify: it’s not weird that they recast him. I just thought it was odd they picked a guy who looked SO different, though.

It works for me in the Matrix because everything’s an illusion anyway, so you might as well look completely different the next time.


Onwumere’s Capheus has grown upon me. Optimism means more than being quick with a smile, and I think he has brought some depth to the character. I liked Ameen also, and was not looking forward to a new actor. But by the end of the Christmas special I was on board.


Kind of an extreme approach for getting out of having to appear in the sequels but still hard to blame her.

Even so I find it kind of distracting when the script actually calls attention to an actor getting replaced. Nobody told Dumbledore that he was looking different after Richard Harris died.


Specifically, is there a better place to start than the beginning?

And a better place to stop than the end?

The first couple of episodes were really slow. I couldn’t get into it. It seems popular, so I assume there is a through-line in there somewhere where we can jump on and off without getting burned too bad.