The most loved and hated TV finales, charted

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Flash Forward? Wasn’t it cancelled before the final episode? That’s a minus, it was a cool show.

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i don’t recall people hating the ending to MASH that much - everyone seemed to hate that it was over, not HOW it ended.


What if a finale gets a high rating because people hated the show and are glad it is over?


Monk shoulda topped the list. The greatest hidden-in-plain-sight reveal in the history of television.


That’s the case for a few of the shows in the list. They didn’t have finales, but were cancelled or simply not renewed for another season. Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979) and Firefly for example.

Still, this article would make great click-bait. “You won’t believe which TV shows’ finales were most hated! The results will surprise you!”

I’m sad to see Gilmore Girls didn’t get a higher score. I loved the show - it was weirdly a mirror of my own life and also, the writing on it was just amazing. Not to mention the acting. It’s clear that Lauren Graham funded the final season in order to complete the characters’ story arcs. The show consistently delivered surprising ways of presenting storylines that have been done in trite and stale ways elsewhere. The finale did a great job of tying up the loose ends in a satisfying way while still maintaining some suspense and drama.

Also, this show had one particular episode that I consider to be one of the finest episodes of television ever. And they did most of that episode in flash back, which generally I find annoying as hell on a sitcom. The show where they actually showed Alexis’ birth and the mom’s family situation at that moment - hinted to in many previous episodes - was perfect in every way.


That’s the long arrow that’s over to the left. Example: Baywatch.

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How did anyone like the Glee finale?

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The 1990 Newhart finale is not in this chart. (!)

Their argument is invalid.


No Farscape? That ‘finale’ should be in the red.

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How on earth did Angel get that good a rating? It got cancelled and they had three episodes to tie up a seasons worth of plots… and everyone (presumably) dies… O_o

The best TV finale ever. Easily.


Yes it is. If you click through its the third one down. … unless thats for the finale of the original? Did the original have a finale? Dammit, know I need to know!

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Hah - they added more shows between when I made my comment and when you replied. Good on them for correcting this grievous oversight. :wink:


It’s probably the implication that there won’t be any more Glee that’s generating the high score, there…


I’m not sure why Entourage is so highly rated. If you read the professional criticism, it merely capped off a long season (or three) of the cast phoning it in. Of course, the critics were reading it as satire. Perhaps the viewers were reading it as wish fulfillment.

Star Trek (TOS): 8.4

Turnabout Intruder: 6.9
An insane woman forcibly switches personalities with Capt. Kirk.

Substantially better than “Spock’s Brain”, with a 5.5

DBZ has an ending?


They don’t die. But yeah LA is sucked into a hell dimension and Gun is a vamp. (Joss wrote some pretty decent graphic novels)