A Crystal Blue Heart Of Darkness: Final thoughts before the Breaking Bad finale


I am going to be so relieved when this is over. The show stresses me out, and has for years.

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Here’s how good Breaking Bad is:

I had a mate, my next-door neighbour, who had a heroin addiction; he tried to keep it on the downlow, but the signs were there. We would watch a lot of stuff together, a lot of it was really good shit. But no matter how well-made or riveting a show we were watching, come around 10pm I’d look over and he was on the nod.

Hey! Snoozing, losing! I’d go. But it was usually a hopeless task to keep him awake once he began to fade…

But then we started on Breaking Bad. Not once did I ever notice his eyelids getting heavy during a BB session. We’d watch a dozen eps back to back; it’d be four in the morning, I’d look over and he’d be literally on the edge of his seat.

‘Can we watch another one?’ At four in the morning!

Horst didn’t have a whole lot to live for, but I’m really sad he didn’t survive his addiction long enough to see the end of this slow-motion trainwreck that enraptures so hard it cuts through an opiate haze…


ZOMG! This is what life is liek now?

It was a truly epic FIVE YEARS of great TV, without lapse in drama or poignancy.

Kudos to the entire cast and crew. I am in awe of this show. It exceeds all norms and trashes all mediocre garbage that people have become accultured to accepting as acceptable TEEVEE “entertainment.”

Vince Gilligan doesn’t deserve just an Emmy. He deserves a NOBEL PRIZE in Television.
I cannot describe THE SPECIAL LOVE I HAVE FOR YOU, Breaking Bad.

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Last week I deliberately stopped watching a bunch of shows I was half-heartedly following. Sitcoms, crime procedurals, historical dramas. I erased the episodes I had saved up on my DVR and deleted the upcoming recordings.

There is enough good television, on broadcast, cable, and Netflix, that I don’t have to bother with crap.

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Yes. I was drawn to watch it, but felt awful about it at times. When Jesse and Walt conspired to off Gale I almost gave up on the show, but couldn’t help to start watching again.

Hey Vince Gilligan, you just wrapped up the best show ever put on a television screen. What’s next?

How the hell do you hope to possibly follow up on that? He is so screwed.

i know exactly how you feel. i started rewatching 2 weeks ago from s01e01 hoping it would last me till the finale, but i finished in a week. then i got the ‘breaking sads’ when i realized no other series or film lives so vibrantly in my emotions. so i started the marathon again from s01e01. it’s just one of those perfect storms that’s so good, it’s reasonable to conclude that you may never see anything like it again


Alright, here we go…

/reboots into another partition running the same operating system (that’s all kinds of broken) with the crucial difference that by some magic of doggedly persistent googling plays video without frame tearing

I know this is totally veering into the Comical Realm of Stuff White People Really Like, but I can’t get over just how perfect this finale was. I’ve watched it twice already and I think I could watch it a few more times.

Amazing capstone to an incredible show, easily the best I’ve ever seen.
Needless to say fantastic writing, acting, directing, the whole shebang. But I think it’s the show’s unpredictability combined with regular people (not gangsters or policemen as in The Wire or The Sopranos) caught up in exceptional circumstances that makes it so much more relatable and thus profoundly affecting.

Ultimately, any one of us could play Walt, or Jesse, couldn’t we?

Uhh…what a great finale to a great series. The question now is how long do I have to wait until another thing of this magnitude comes along. Vince, wonderful WONDERFUL job!

He’s gonna write and direct AVENGERS III.

He could do a Star Trek reboot.

That’s a thing, right?

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