Animation summarizes all of 'Breaking Bad' in one minute


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“10th anniversary of Breaking Bad”

Wow. That line aged me faster than trying to re-start my jogging routine.


well, that or Speedrun-like…


It didn’t end with “Baby Blue”!!


Finally! If there’s a similar one for Friends, that will save me from giving more blank looks…


Every now and then xkcd has a comic that delights in making you feel old :frowning:



But not with bunnies?


Well, that was amazing.

And now I am officially old.


Further confirmation that I’m just not edgy enough to enjoy this show.


That was the best one minute of my whole day!


Man, it’s just the best damn show ever. Sopranos was amazing, and so was The Wire, but Breaking Bad is just so great it’s on it’s own level. kisses fingers


Started watching Breaking Bad again and realized I don’t like Walt as much the second time around. I have more empathy for those around him whose lives he is affecting.


And that is the beauty of the series, and the story it told.


I’d be worried if you liked him - he was a terrible person. The show was awesome, however.
Though I still maintain that Sopranos is the best drama of all time.


Yes, Sopranos is tough to beat. Have you seen Ozark on Netflix? Not great by comparison, but worth watching.


Good to know, I added that to our queue to check out not that long ago, I look forward to it.


Yeah, this doubles the amount of time I’ve spent on the show, and now I feel validated, not that i need to.

Better Call Saul is funny tho




No discussion about Breaking Bad would be complete without sharing these two absolutely epic series moments: