Fan-made recut of Breaking Bad as a 2-hour movie

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I just finished watching the last season again - such a good show. I’ll save this movie for when I want to relive the show but have a more limited attention span.


Interesting experiment. I have a hard time imagining how the concept would work as well in a two-hour format since such a huge part of the show is the slow burn of Walt losing his soul bit by bit every time he reaches a new moral crossroad.


aww, was the video pulled? : (


Sony got it taken down from Vimeo, but I was still able to download the version embedded in the BoingBoing article using the Video DownloadHelper add-on in Firefox.


Updated the embed


I have often thought that there’s a lot that could be edited out of long series. I think Breaking Bad would make nice 13 to 26 episode 60min series.

The process of making a work over years inevitably creates some cruft that wouldn’t exist in something edited after the fact. There should be more of this kind of derivative work, but intellectual property law being what it is, we won’t get to experience it.

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