To prep for Better Call Saul, AMC announces Breaking Bad marathon with new 'extras'


I honestly have trouble figuring out why people want this.

Breaking Bad was this perfect self contained bubble of greatness. Leave it alone.


This is like when the Deep Space Nine crew are on the Enterprise during The Trouble with Tribbles.

OMG - I have that out fit. Black suit, hot pink shirt ($45 Arrow on sale for $9), and a black tie. Only my tie doesn’t have a pattern in it.

I’m personally very much looking forward to this, because Saul was one of my favourite characters, and I was super curious what happened to him after the show ended. You can just pretend that this show doesn’t exist, and then Breaking Bad will remain that perfect self contained bubble of greatness.

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When people like a show, they want the show to go on forever–until the show jumps the shark, and then they whine about how the creators didn’t stop it while they were ahead. We saw this with Star Trek: The Next Generation (although that died down a bit once the movies made clear that the TNG crew didn’t really have any more stories to tell), and there seems to be a rift in the Community fandom as to whether they’ve reached that point yet or not.

As for Better Call Saul, well, I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude myself; I thought that BB would be a Weeds knockoff, and it turned out quite a bit better.


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