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Please do a weekly writeup!

I was so skeptic mcskeptic about this but god damn did they hit the ground running. Want. More.

Am I the only person who actually thinks Saul’s apartment is actually pretty nice and unlikely to be what a manager of Cinnabon could actually afford (although I’m sure he hid some money away). It looks nicer than mine and I’m supposedly a professional.

3rd episode up!

*dancing in circle, clapping hands

Location, location, location.

Please don’t. Spoiler articles really annoy me, since I generally “time shift” shows, and this have to be on guard to avoid my feed having spoilers. I also don’t get the point of articles that exist only to tell me what I just watched.

Obviously, BB will do what they want. And others have different tastes. It just gets tedious having to avoid articles from the one blog I still read regularly, just in case they decide to spoil shows I like.

That said, I’m not sure if I actually like Better Call Saul enough to keep watching it. Me and the girlfriend might be giving it another episode or two, but as of now it probably won’t be on our watching list. After all, it did take me 3 episodes to actually like Breaking Bad, after which I was hopelessly hooked. The whole thing feels a bit flat, and lacks a hook, it also wouldn’t be at all interesting if it wasn’t for the existence of Breaking Bad, and our familiarity with Saul. If this show existed in a vacuum, would anyone care?

The first episode felt like a pilot (not a bad thing, all shows start a bit weak these days), the second one had a moment of greatness, but then slipped back into a dull haze. The desert scene was great, it had the mix of humor and horror one expects from the creators of Breaking Bad, then it just slipped into a dull, murky, fog again. Perhaps the difference is expectations, we didn’t know what Walter White was going to do or turn into, but Saul as a definite end-point.

Don’t read them? I dunno, is that too obvious an answer?

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Obviously I don’t. But I always worry about spoilers above the fold in Feedly. I’ve had a couple shows spoiled by BB, because I generally ignore titles and skip to the text on my feed.

Except that, even that photo, of Saul cowering in front of Tuco in the desert, is kind of a spoiler.

Oh hell, you’re right. Tuco showing up was something i’m glad i did not see coming. Actually, the header images have been very spoilerific for other things in the past - this is gonna get shunted to that spoiler complaints thread i know it.

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