The midpoint of Better Call Saul's first season hinges on scenes without Jimmy


What I’m loving about this series is the way that the locations, the music and the camerawork are stars as much as the actors. The tension in the stair-lift scene was just brilliant.


What about the composition of the booth scene? That was very nice to watch.


The continued theme of distance and alienation is a reiteration of a running theme from Breaking Bad. Walt was continually torn between wanting to have a family and live a regular life, even after his actions permanently placed him outside of that possibility, and his own intelligence and talent were disregarded by both system and family.

In Saul’s case, he is desperately trying to break into having a regular, acceptable life. But his own predilections and the vagaries of fate keep pushing him toward the dark side, and further separation.

The people behind this show have such an amazing talent with seemingly slow scenes. Scenes that have such richness and conflict built in, that they take their time with but in no way make the show tedious or require patience. It really is impressive.


Having the confidence to include several minutes worth of dialogue free scenes is a delight to watch - perfect example of show don’t tell. But this episode seemed full of those, i didn’t see where the jelly eating elderly scene was going until jimmy’s face showed up on the cup and he’s standing there in his fancy new suit. Great stuff. Still a steady decline in ratings though unfortunately, same thing happened to agent carter and that was scandalous but not as precipitate a drop as this.

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“…deliberately prodding progression…” Did the author intend this phrase or should it read “deliberately PLODDING progression?” I like his recaps/analyses, BTW.

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Is it my imagination, or was Mike’s house the same house where Chow was murdered?

I agree and don’t understand the complaints about this show being “slow,” or “plodding.” it is brilliantly humorous and engrossing throughout, and I don’t find it drags a bit.

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