Breaking Bad movie on the way but Bryan Cranston hasn't even seen the script


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So it’s the continuation Jesse Pinkman’s story; I can live with that, as long as the high quality that the series had remains the same.


I’m guessing there will be substantial flashback scenes with W.W. and Jesse throughout


It only makes sense.

I wonder if current-day Saul, aka Gene, the Cinnabon manager, will make an appearance.


Was he this cranky with the Better Call Saul spinoff? Because that was excellent. There’s still plenty of room in that universe.


Hollywood recycling ideas, again.


I could enjoy many hours of the Jessie Pinkman show. But don’t call it Breaking Bad. Remember the X-Files after David Duchovny quit? Don’t do that.


I’d really like to know more of the Gustavo Fring origin story


Pretty much all storytelling is based on recycled ideas. It’s the quality of the execution that matters.


How is continuing a story recycling ideas? And I guess we should have stopped telling stories around our camp fires thousands of years ago, since we “keep recycling stories.”


Breaking Bad 2: Electric Booga’ludes.


And so far, Gilligan has done really well with his execution when it comes to the BrBa universe.

Although I must say, I do have some reservations that if he doesn’t end it properly, this project could end up just being torture porn.

Though he started out as a skeevy douchebag dealer, Jesse still didn’t deserve all the horrible abuse and persecution that he constantly suffered throughout the original series; continuing his story from the point of his escape to where he is now as severely damaged survivor without becoming exploitative is going to be a tricky feat… but if anyone is up to the task, it’s Vince Gilligan.


I’m still holding out for a spin-off that answers the question “did Huell ever leave that hotel room?”


Where is “Duke City” New Mexico? Can’t find it on a map.


It’s about 10 miles north of the Zafiro Añejo tequila distillery. Take the first exit after you pass Pollos Hermanos.


I don’t care what anybody says, THAT was funny!


What the studio is doing is banking on the Breaking Bad name.


Or maybe Vince Gilligan has more story to tell from Breaking Bad…? Just a thought.


Thank you. I’ll be here all day. Don’t forget to tip the waitstaff.