Breaking Bad movie on the way but Bryan Cranston hasn't even seen the script


I’d say i’m sceptical but i was extremely sceptical that better call saul would work yet although they’re different the quality is on a par with breaking bad and surpasses it with the character development.


Also see: top gear


There are levels to recycling. There’s the tedious franchise continuation requiring prior knowledge of the show type deal (easter eggs, shoutouts to super fans, inside jokes, etc.). Very different from the inevitable stories inspired by past stories, but not over-reliant on such assumed familiarity, stories that are functionally self contained and don’t require the audience to have consumed a bunch of prior franchise stuff to enjoy it.


A person can totally watch BCS with no prior knowledge of BrBa, and still enjoy it fully for the nuanced story-telling and rich character development.

Again, Gilligan has been just that good with this narrative.


Make a left on Negra Arroyo Lane, you’ll see a house with a pizza on the roof.


As long as we find out if Huell ever made it out of that hotel room, I’ll be happy.


I agree. Gilligan has created a universe filled with interesting characters that could be explored. Better Call Saul has turned out to be an amazing show, and he’s just one of many great side characters from the main show.


Truth be told, I kind of like Better Call Saul a bit better, mainly because Walter White isn’t in it! Also, lots more Mike and Gus!



Agreed. It’s alarming how many people hold WW up as something of a folk hero when he was written as the villain from the start - mr. chips turning into scarface, as i seem to remember gilligan saying once.


I know, right? I watched it back when it was on and then rewatched the whole series again recently, and was struck by just how terrible a person he was from the very beginning of the show… But people believe that he’s a shining example of sticking to the man, when the only people he was hurting was his own family.


Don’t forget that harpy Skyler, always trying to keep him down. /s


I understand Better Call Saul will be addressing this.





I’d like to see piano virtuoso Peter again.



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