‘Breaking Bad’ fan obit for Walter White in Albuquerque Journal breaks web traffic records


For those Netflix subscribers who may be only partially through Season 5, do you think you could embed the extra-large version of this AFTER the jump?

Yeah, pretty heavy un-warned spoiler. And yes, I really do know internet-savvy folks who have not yet finished BB and do not yet know how it ends.

They probably should avoid any Internet story that says “Breaking Bad” in the title.

Yes, but in this case the headline is the spoiler…

I’m pretty sure that the first episode of the show five years ago established that he had terminal lung cancer.

Which went into remission throughout the series… and of course there are other spoilers in that article.

Both Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan said years ago that Walt wouldn’t have a miracle cure. And if you want to get really persnickety about it, an obituary doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is dead.

FFS. Not everyone has read articles by the creators about what the final fate of Walt might be! If I’d read this post by accident a week ago, I’d be pretty pissed that there weren’t spoiler warnings. Thankfully it seems Xeni took the advice of @Dragonflye1 and @SamSam to heart, changing the headline, moving the pic to after the jump and sticking a spolier warning in place. No idea why anyone else is arguing that this post didn’t contain spoilers.

Nooooo! Bad Xeni, bad! I’ve only begun watching Season 2! I already suspected that Walter was going to die (he did have terminal lung cancer, after all), but I would have much preferred it if my hunch was confirmed by the series finale, not that headline.

My only consolation is knowing that the trip matters as much as the destination. But screw clichés - I is still pissed.

Indeed. Maybe it is time to say if D’Angelo, Wallace, Bodie, Stringer Bell, Avon, Marlo, Jimmy McNulty, Cedric Daniels, or Omar lives or dies. Should I? Should I? But if I did, I don’t think I would do it in a headline.

It is hilarious that the people who haven’t watched it yet totally fell for the WW is dead thing.

Can we stop pretending now?

Awesome scene when Walt’s arm comes up out of the ground holding Hank’s badge. Jesse better keep running.

Breaking Dead - Revenge of the Murdered Drug Lords.
Starring Brian Cranston, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jesse Plemon as “Meth Demon.”
with a special guest appearance by a tortoise.

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