Ominous teaser video released for Breaking Bad's final episodes


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Ozymandias has always been one of my favorite poems, one I read and reread so many times I once had it completely memorized. The beauty of this is it was like hearing it for the first time. It’s put the poem in a new and stunning context.

But it’s also a beautiful piece of insight into Walt’s character. He’s always been deeply afflicted with pride. However he rationalized his early decisions it’s clear that, at least since the end of season one, if not longer, he hasn’t been working for his family’s future. He’s wanted to build an empire.

I don’t know anything about this Breaking Bad business but a mighty fine reading of a favorite Shelley sonnet.

“The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

This one works for me:


Years from now, we’ll understand that Breaking Bad was among the first true Westerns of the twenty-first century. Look at that and tell me John Ford’s fingerprints aren’t all over it.

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I am so mad at them for taking off a freking year and trying to tell us it’s the second half of season five. I might just boycott the first episode for… hours!

“Damn you, bittorrent! Hurry up!”


I’ll be overseas for the first two episodes of the final season.

YO! INTERNET! No spoilers, OK?

But we know it works out in the end. Walt get a facelift and is given a new identity and moves to a bland suburb where he marries a hot-headed woman and has four rascally sons.


We both know that this show isn’t going to do that to us. :smiley:

I rarely watch TV shows, much less entire series, but I gotta admit Breaking Bad was worth the time.

The only reason we watched it was because of Xeni saying it literally helped her get thorugh chemo and surgery, etc. – I mean, jeebus christ, what a recommendation

I will never forget the “fly” episode. Probably one of the best “stoner” TV episodes I’ve seen in my life and I wasn’t even stoned when I watched it.

Spoiler: At the very end, Jesse Pinkman will probably say, “bitch!”.

I’ve prepared this list of fake* spoilers in the hopes that they might provide some protection against real spoilers.

  • Walt gets involved in a bloody turf war with Nancy Botwin in a new Weeds crossover story arc.
  • Marie didn’t actually take the spoon, she was framed by the kid whose toy car she ran over in season 1.
  • In a deadly game of wits, Walt and Hank drink from two glasses knowing that one of them has been poisoned. Hank initially thinks he’s tricked Walt into picking the wrong glass, but Walt reveals that he poisoned both glasses as he’s spent the last several years building up a resistance to ricin powder.
  • Cyborg Fring.
  • In a special guest appearance, Adam Savage shows up to debunk the “magnets” episode. Todd disposes of his body in a vat of hyrdofluoric acid.
  • Walt Jr. moves on to brunch.

*Or are they??


You get a heart for cyborg Fring. A cold, mechanical heart.

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My personal guess: Walt buys Hank off with an authentic moon rock–excuse me, mineral.

I’ve spent the last year or so watching BB with a good friend, and we now have two episodes left to go. It’s going to be weird only watching one episode a week, and not on our schedule.
We’re also going to have to find a new show to watch. Our other one is Treme, which also ends this year :frowning:

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