Times are getting hard, boys: Breaking Bad 'Ozymandias' recap


The easiest way out for the writers would be compress the passage of time through a series of flashbacks where Walt is convicted, is diagnosed with cancer, and intentionally pisses off the Nazis to get himself killed in prison. Or maybe the screen will just go black while he sits in a coffee shop while the jukebox plays Journey. It would actually be pretty funny if they used that at the beginning of the last show before wrapping up the series, just to slap HBO.

Now, I’ll start the fanboy gush… This was, by far the best hour of television programming I’ve seen to date. Astonishingly great stuff. This is the kind of thing we’ll look back on and remember where we were when we first watched it.

Shit just got real.

I didn’t actually notice the pants (from the very beginning of the series) in the desert as Walt rolled the barrel. It also fits with the Ozymandias reference (the legs statue in the desert) And the fact that it has gone full circle. Everything that he did he did for his family (as he spoke into the camcorder) but in the end the hole for the barrels that he had dug, was actually a shallow grave dug for his family.


My daughter was too young to watch the show when it started, plus we just didn’t think it was going to appeal. But every now and then she’ll pop in and watch a bit. Last night she sat riveted to the screen - she had no idea what the back story on any of it was. Says a lot for the strength of that single show that someone who had no idea of the build up still found it so exhilarating.

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Oh quick question - Walt tells Jesse that he watched his girlfriend OD. Was that actually shown on the show? I can’t remember.

yeah it was in the show.


(srsly, ‘OM NOM NOM’ isn’t a valid enough comment!!1!1Elevenone1!)

Wow. I had not considered that he actually dug Hank’s grave.

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