I suggest a whitelist for short replies

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I feel quite strongly about this… and I’m linking from a post by Xeni, whom I assume may yet post ‘OM NOM NOM’ in the future.

I have not tried but also suggest; ‘Just look at it’ (although I have a feeling this one would get through anyway).

There must be other valid meta-linguistic-poly-glyphs that by their very placement inculcate an environment of enmeshed and synergistic meaning whose emergent phenomenalisation of interacting, processing systems spirals far beyond the seemingly limited and paltry quip so conscientiously instantiated.


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At first I was intrigued by your perfectly Godel-esque placement but quickly realised you had broken the lower-limit… but alas! It seems META topics are not so hindered.

Can we ratchet down the clever by a few decibels here, because I am not clear what is actually being asked for.



The ability to reply to regular, non-meta posts, with currently disallowed short replies.

I wouldn’t suggest the allowance of just any short replies as I imagine it’s a safe-guard against spam or uninteresting or non-contributory comments.

But the ability to at least post ‘OM NOM NOM’ is, I would argue, a historically indicated necessity.

Did you try posting it not in all caps? Discourse does not like all caps posts.

‘OM NOM NOM’ must not be printed in lower case!

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In lowercase it just sounds sarcastic. What rule of the Internet is being enforced with this all caps rule! B1FF will not be pleased, C=64 users everywhere are being silenced by such arbitrary software limitations!

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Posts must be a minimum of 6 characters in length here. If you just want to do short posts…there’s an app for that. It’'s called Twitter.

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The FILM CRIT HULK isn’t welcome here?

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Must posts all be straight, buttoned down, and serious?

How boring! I would hope not.


‘om nom nom’



I suggest http://try.discourse.org for experimenting with things like this, but bear in mind that the minimum post over there is 20 characters, which is the Discourse default.

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I’ll just go with a picture of the text ‘OM NOM NOM’ on a white background after Rob’s stylings.
Apologies for the mess.