Hey Look, it's a Meta Post about Anything!


Aw frack me, I was being an idiot. (Sorry @codinghorror!)

So now this can be free form? Comment about anything!




This guy just loves to call me out.


We’re all his game-time victims… one iota of deviation, and he comes down like a ton of bricks…


Nice try, @Mindysan33, but I’d recognize your hammer anywhere


Perfect! I am in a bad mood, and do not wish to engage with any of you mutants on any subject of any substance. So imma gonna post here, so there!


True story: one time I asked a question not to @othermichael s liking, and he shot me in the kneecaps.


It was a rubber band gun,but he still shot me in the kneecaps.


Well, he vomited on all of our computers yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if his hand popped out of my screen and typed his own reply to one of his threads.


Not anymore, check your terminology. (Before you wreck your terminology, obvs.)


#We know what you did last edit


That’s cool, go look at my edits, that’s why I share them!


In homage to that wonderful image, I shall now only post Fail Gifs.




Anything… well today I am playing hooky kinda, worse than usual oh crap I AM AWAKE at 1:30am so punting on work today. I can clean the house a bit and play video games and post here. woo.


The only way to win is not to play.


And you just turned in your entry form.