Fuck you. There are assholes fulfilling their job description that have a more pleasant odor and disposition than the pile of scraped off goat udder slime that balled up to form you.

? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?



That belongs in the Elevate! thread.


You’re just jealous of the Dalai Lama because if you tried to ‘empty your mind’ you’d end up having a seizure.

(Am I doing this right?)


I trust your opinion on that. Is it hard to type while having one?

You couldn’t “do it right” if your genitals were a t-square.


Is this post the equivalent of the Argument Clinic?


Only if the argument clinic was intensely and unnecessarily belligerent and limited to personal attacks, you cigarette stubbed out in the decaf dregs of a Starbucks cup.


Fuck you and everyone who looks like you. This topic is a desperate cry for attention, we’re all worse off for reading it, and your very presence on the BBS is a blight we suffer sorely. Furthermore, your an idiot.

No, this is abuse.


Every time I read one of your posts, it’s abuse, you 'vert. I rue the day that I ever wasted a fragment of a moment of a second of the weakest shake of the smallest lamb’s tail ever letting the filthy light that touched your comments so much as glance off my retinas.


By the time you were five, your parents had scratched off everything on their bucket list except ‘Learn how to use a handgun’.


At least my parents didn’t have to get the bucket on lay-away.


At least my parents didn’t have to lay someone just to get their bucket.


At least there were people willing to pay my parents for sex instead of running to get the shotgun when they saw them.


Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries…

Someone had to do it.


It was; they had an “abuse” department, you warthog-faced buffoon.


You all sound like a bunch of Trump supporters.


Ouch! You can close the thread now.


Aw, it’s ok, telling time is hard, but you’ll get it eventually. Stick to the sheep; no one else is interested.

Spoken like a true believer. Go sit in a consensus circle and jack each other off over your girl Hildabeast. #VagendaOfManocide


If you two fucking fuckers ever did figure out how to empty your “mind buckets” you’d be done before you started.