Save OtherMichael the Lobster? CALL NOW


Continuing the discussion from Photography project explores male entitlement and the female experience:

@jlw @falcor - so, what do you think? Should I have a multi-decade ban?

Anybody else care to weigh in? @daneel @SteampunkBanana @japhroaig @Mindysan33 @ChickieD @chgoliz @marilove


also pinging @popobawa4u @monkeyoh @Brainspore @AcerPlatanoides @funruly @cowicide @Mister44 (since he was the one I was responding to in the alleged eating incident above)


I vote that @OtherMichael gets a multi-decade ban commencing in June of 2144 and lasting until August of 2173.


May I suggest instead of a multiple decade ban, a multiple AU one? And can you send pics?

(Hyperbole is lost on many :D)


When the Nerd Rapture comes, I am gonna be SO PISSED AT YOU.


How did I miss seeing you joke about eating genocide victims?

Oh, it was on the white privilege thread. tl;dr


Did someone say nerd rapture?

(I learned this from watching you!!)

MC Frontalot - It Is Pitch Dark:


While I absolutely concur that a multi-decade ban should immediately be enforced, I am hesitant to think it should be doled out as a result of only one comment… [checks OtherMichael’s postinghistory]…


I kind of assumed you’d be in cryogenic hibernation at the time anyway, what with the interstellar Hegira Exodus and all.


Some people may think that needing to eat genocide victims is all “fun and games”. Some of us don’t actually want to eat villages full of innocents, but are simply doing our job to harvest excess life force to placate our parasitic masters. Their happiness is very important to the survival of this world, and they rent it to us on very reasonable terms.

I don’t blame victims - I blame society! I’ll leave it to you to work out the cunning puzzle contained in these words…


I think a 2-hour wait on liking stuff would teach you a lesson.





17 Demerits.


Maybe a ban from 1950-1960 would be good.


But then I’d feel lonely. :frowning:






Yep, but my aim is getting better!


Honestly, I couldn’t think of the term “Singularity” until just now, so I went with the Strossism.

Love that video; he does a rap about toilet paper (not in his Fronatalot persona) on an Elmo Potty video we’ve got for the kids.

Oh, here it is!