'Breaking Bad,' Season 5, Episode 12, 'Rabid Dog': review



This show is getting bleaker than ever, now its slow-motion train-wreck groove approaches a crescendo.

It’s just so black, inviting you to savour its depths…

If BB was a kind of music, it’d be Harry Connick covering Slayer.

Isn’t it the fourth episode of the final 8?

This is (at least) two episodes in a row now where some pivotal plot point has happened just exactly in the nick of time. Last ep Jesse had his ricin revelation – a stretch to begin with – just as the fixer’s car pulls up, this time Hank drives Jesse out of frame just as Walt pulls around the corner. It’s straining credulity something fierce.

In both cases, that’s more editorial convenience. It’s a little heavy handed, but it’s done to make it clear to the audience how these events connect. In neither case does the timing of the event matter, they’re just synchronized to connect things for the audience.

As for Jesse realizing the ricin- I think people are forgetting how big an impact the ricin incident had on Jesse, and how vividly it’s burned into his mind. From the moment Brock became ill, to the moment Walt helps Jesse find the cigarette- Jesse is locked in on those moments. And remember, Walt was right- Jesse is the sort of person to leap to conclusions and to act without full information. So while Jesse was running off with incomplete evidence, that’s perfectly in character for Jesse. Notice how Jesse ran to Saul, not to Walt- Jesse knew he didn’t know, but thought Saul could fill in the gaps for him. And Saul complied.


Jesse goes to meet Walt…is paranoid, after all, he is going to meet “the devil”. So, when he sees the bald toughie, his reaction seems right. But then the very next moment he talks about coming after Walt where he “really lives”. Is that simply anger talking, or does he have a concrete plan? Apparently he does, as he tells Hank later about his “better way” of dealing with Walt. But this transition from paranoia to “eureka!” seems like a stretch.
Jesse is clearly not the thinking type, though he does come up with brilliant ideas now and then (e.g. using a magnet/ building a battery). The question is does he indeed come up with an idea to deal with Walt in those two or three minutes, when he was seemingly focussed on locating any possible threats to his own life (“clock tower guy”, “poisoned needle”)?

The ricin revealation in the previous episode was quite in character. He had been brooding for quite some time…turning over all the events in his mind again and again. So, the chance sighting of the cigarette pack and the missing dope, and Huell, all lead him to that one conclusion, that Walt did indeed poison Brock.

What does Walt care about the most? The reason that he got into the business in the first place.

Next week’s episode, “To’hajiilee” takes its name from the Navajo reservation to the west of Albuquerque.

That’s where Walt’s money is buried. Question is, how could Jesse find that out?

I’m guessing Jesse’s solution may be to force Walt to seek out his money, which is currently the only physical proof in Walt’s possession. I was lead to believe where Walt “really lives” is his family, but in reality it very well be his money (to support his family, a dying wish to Skylar).

Did he see the lottery ticket and make another leap?

No way, Jesse making that connection would be absolutely ludicrous. There are plenty of ways to force him towards the money though.

Here’s my two cents about the “hit you where you really live” line: The White household is where Walt and his family live, but Jesse’s far more familiar with his Heisenberg persona - there’s actually nobody else who knows him and what he’s become quite so well. So Jesse’s aiming for where Heisenberg lives, only that Walt has seemingly gotten rid of anything connected to his former empire. Still, it’s going to make Walt think about whether there’s something he forgot. The lab/pest business? Todd and his neo-Nazi relatives? Lydia, Madrigal and the Czech connection? Those are all very much in play, as the last few episodes showed. So I think his plan is to trick Walt into providing the evidence they need by making him revisit his former allies. Judging from the last scene, it may have worked, although at the price of incurring some serious risk (then again, Jesse thought Walt had already decided to kill him anyway). Walt may be the devil, fiendishly smart and ruthless, but Jesse knows him through and through and can predict his actions better than anyone else. He’s been such a good student that he may just be about to beat Walt with his own tricks.

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This makes no sense to me, either. It’s the fourth since the season resumed, right?

I think it’s wrong to assume the ‘job’ is to kill Jesse. Often the cliffhanger makes you think one thing then throws you a curveball. I’d say Walt has another plan.

I’ve never predicted anything right about the show but I’m starting to wonder does Walt back for the cigarette in order to try and convince Jesse he didn’t poison Brock or maybe because aside from the money it is the only piece of physical evidence against him?

If I’m guessing correctly I’ll be disappointed to be honest.

Yes and no, I’d say…

Intellectualism is hardly an aspect of his persona, but I don’t think he lacks the hardware, yo.


Am I wrong for thinking we’re headed for some kind of Jesse vs. Jr. showdown? Like, wouldn’t it be great if Jesse gave Walter Jr. some evidence of what happened? I think that’s when Walt would realize it was all truly over.

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My thought when Jesse says that he is going to “Hit you where you live,” was the flash image of him picking up the photo of Skylar at Hank and Marie’s house. The next shot is of Marie, So, I thought that he might have noticed how unhappy Skylar is and figured out that she is involved and so might have a way of manipulating her to give up the cash stash, possibly through Marie.

Heisenberg lives in his mind. An empire builder that will act like a buffoon to cover his acts. Jesse could just expose Walt to the media and the court of public opinion will act fast.

I have to say that Gale’s murder was more cockroachian than petty. Mike was about to kill Walt.

I really have no idea how this is going to play out, I’m not even willing to guess.

But I do wonder if this final season will somehow be about redemption for Jesse? Walt has recurring cancer and is kind of a goner anyway – but Jesse is young.