Serial and the uncomfortable sensation of reality radio


…leads to complex feelings. Yes, please go on…

That blog post left me wanting answers that apparently just are not coming. Just like Serial.


Did the remaining 3/4 of this article get deleted, or was it intended to say absolutely nothing?


Im not exactly sure what this article is trying to say… a grizzly murder story is popular?

Anyway, The Moth is fantastic non fiction, and those stories almost always have a clear and satisfying resolution, you should check it out.

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Serial lacks some serious portrayal of the victim, her family and the implications of the crime and trial and their life. Very one sided.

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I wrote about Serial today: “We have to go back!” Getting Lost in the Serial Podcast

I’ll admit to being kind of confused by this type of comment, which has been appearing re: Serial in a dozen different forms over the last few weeks. There isn’t enough of a portrayal of the victim; there isn’t enough of a discussion of the racial dynamics of the jury; there isn’t enough of a discussion of what we need to do to end urban poverty; there isn’t an enough of an analysis of the immigrant experience, etc.

Why can’t Serial “just” be a story about trying to determine the true facts of the murder? Why does it have to be all-encompassing?

Wow… that would be like another 17 episodes!

I think there’s been enough of a portrayal, and respect for, the victim. Especially given that her familly, understandably, don’t want to participate. They also spent a big chunk of time on the undercurrent of prejudice during jury selection and during the trial (if that’s what you mean by racial dynamics, muslims aren’t a race). You’re right about your main point though, the Serial people can make Serial be about whatever they want. If someone wants to do a podcast about the societal factors that are involved in crime, no one is going to stop them (though this case wouldn’t be a good example of that).

Yes, I know Muslims aren’t a race. I was referring to critiques like this one, which I believe miss the point of what Serial is and criticize it for not doing what a different project would have done.

yeah, and I agree with that.

also, that blog was written before the episode (it was either 9 or 10) that dealt with most of the things it was criticising came out.

Whatever the intentions of the author, it does indeed say next to nothing more than “Interesting popular podcast is popular. And interesting!” It made me feel like a high school teacher reading freshman essays written during the first day of class.

Not for lack of trying though…

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