'Serial' on Saturday Night Live




Is this a video inside a video? It felt like playing Super Game Boy.


It’s for defeating YouTube’s automated copyright detection system.


Tee hee! I liked the phone calls from Kris best!


Oh that was very well done.


Here’s the link to the legit version on NBC’s website: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/christmas-serial/2836285


I like dark humour but this parody made me squirm uncomfortably. It felt like cheap laughs at the expense of a possibly innocent now-not-so-young man and a definitely murdered young woman.

(By the way, there’s an online drive to create a memorial fund in Ms. Lee’s name at Woodlawn High. If you “enjoyed” Serial, please consider making a donation.)


Hmm. I took it more as deserved laughs at the expense of rather narcissistic Sarah K.


I’m way behind on serial-- I think I have yet to listen to episode 6?

Any spoilers in this spoof?


Also, hard to hear!


No spoilers, Jerwin. Enjoy.


The mailchimp joke at the end almost made milk shoot out of my nose. (And I wasn’t even drinking milk!)


And then there’s the Nisha Call. Loved it…


I haven’t listened to Serial at all. I was waiting to for it all to finish. Given what I’ve read recently, don’t think I’m going to bother starting…


I truly, honestly don’t understand the hate. It is an expertly crafted story that is as messy as real life. Sarah is no more a narcissist than Ira, Jed, or Michele Norris. And the major complaints frankly are from listeners who want the story wrapped up in a neat three act package, which again just isn’t real life.

The biggest problem with the series are the listeners who complain that it doesn’t match a preconceived notion of their expectations. Once you get past that it is absolutely fantastic.


serial has finished. The final episode has been released. I can only asume that this means that the story has been wrapped up and tied with nice ribbon and bow. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Adnan!


Part of what’s so good about it are the spot-on impressions of the “characters” (and by that I mean: real people) other than Sarah K. The voices of Adnan/Chris and Jay/Jingle and the lawyer are perfect.


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