Sesame Street launching new Cookie Monster NFT

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Linking a beloved children’s TV show to gambling?

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I have questions. Like, why Cookie Monster?

The best that I can come up with is “insatiable greed (for coooooookie!)”.


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In a recent meeting of our biggest clients, I mentioned that, clearly, due to his forward facing, top-oriented eyes, Cookie Monster is a submerged ambush predator.

Now he’s just another kind of ambush predator.


for irony they should’ve done this with Oscar The Grouch because

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Maybe parents can use this as a teachable moment of why NFTs are complete bullshit?


“Is it really that hard to milk profits out of a 50-year-old public access TV show?”

There’s stacks of cash in just releasing the original episodes/full seasons. I bet people on this message board have lamented not being able to buy the first season or even better, the first four seasons.

You can get “the fist season” on appleTV or whatever it’s called, but that’s just 20 episodes, thereby for 20$ or so you can have the first season with 110 episodes omitted.

I’d pay for access to the first four seasons if it included all 540 episodes.


“How much value has my NFT lost? Let us count! 1 US Dollar, ah, ah ah. 2 US Dollar, ah, ah, ah…”

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This reminds me of the BS around Mythbusters. You can’t buy discs of the show in seasons but collections of episodes from different seasons. This is why people pirate stuff :roll_eyes:


Missed opportunity to have Cookie Monster put on glasses and become the Seaseme Street infosec puppet, who informs children in simple terms about web anonymity, session IDs, persistent tracking, and uh, cookies.


When anyone asks how I got a particular bit of media, I always tell them, “I know a guy.”

In my mind, this is my guy:


It’s funny that on the same day that Instagram and Facebook announce they are ditching NFTs, there are still some brands desperately scrapping the bottom of the fad just to try and make a few bucks. Which is probably all Sesame Street will end up making on this deal. NFT sales are dried up.


Will these NFTs be purchasable using the Cookie currency?


Not sure I follow… I own the first volume from this DVD set and it’s basically all the OG Sesame Street stuff you remember. Not exactly the same format and order in which they originally aired but close enough.


I really don’t see how it’s all

1969-1974 with a run time of 7 hours 15 minutes?

That offering has the first episode each of the first five seasons, and then an hour or so of curated highlights from each season.

I’d rather have them all.

Edit to add: it has the bit with Johnny cash singing Nasty Dan to Oscar the grouch, I’ll give it that, but still want the hundreds of episodes. They can keep bill Cosby I guess


That would be ambitious. There were 639 episodes in the first 5 seasons.

I don’t know the stats but I’m pretty sure that a huge percentage of the running time for most episodes is repeats of segments that have been shown before. We certainly wouldn’t all have bits like Ladybug Picnic stuck in our brains if they had only aired once or twice. So selling DVDs of the entire, unedited seasons would include a huge amount of redundancy. Plus, realistically, nobody would watch them all.


Yeah they definitely leaned more heavily on recycled content back before the days where everything was streaming and anyone could re-watch an episode of a TV show at any time.


I beg to differ, many children did watch them all, or as many as possible. If you’ve had kids in the past 25-30 their media consumption was likely markedly different than the time of Sesame.

Today’s child may or may not have more or less screen time, varies by household, but today it’s media on repeat, repeat, repeat. What parent hasn’t remarked about some particular movie or such that they the parent themselves knows the dialogue start to finish for having seen it 4 times and heard it a dozen more times?

Before it was just tv, and no repeats, except in the manner you suggest, repeated segments within the program.

Kids absolutely would watch each and every episode. That’s why I looked for more. I’d rather the episodes where some esp animated segments get heavy repeat, I mean, that was part of the point of those segments.

As for the difference, an example, Matt Robinson, “Gordon” from 69-72, was in 60 episodes. What percentage of those segments survived being monetized I just don’t know, but it wasn’t all of them, and at one episode + 1.15 hours curated per season, ol Gordon’s getting erased, without much cause, given that full seasons & curated are not mutually exclusive except by the whim of whoever controls the ip.

Intellectual property that was created specifically for everyone.

Apologies for length, I remember being ticked off and thinking of this while scouring the web for episodes a few years back.

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