Seth Godin's Akimbo podcast is definitely worth a listen

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Speaking of starting from the beginning, has anyone found a good podcast app for Android which allows you to auto-download episodes in chronological order? I use Pocket Casts, but it insists on downloading the most recent episodes first unless I do it manually.

You check out S-Town? I know it’s pretty hyped, but the hype is well deserved.

I use one called Castbox. I believe it has those features. As a long time iTunes/Apple user that now uses Android, I can say that Castbox offers a very similar experience to iTunes (for managing and listening to podcasts).

I LOVE Seth Godin. His marketing insights are vrey good, but it’s his organizational/behavioral posts/podcasts that really make him stand out. He gets it, and makes it very easy for others to get it.


Thank you for this. Subscribed and listened to the first 4 episodes. Marketer or not, Mr. Godin is facinating.

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