Seven Myths about Welfare People Still Believe

It might be good to phrase any discussion about this list to conservatives/Anti-Social-Services as ‘OK please tell me why this is wrong.’ People do not like being called stupid, and more to the point people hate the implication more than outright accusation because it paints the accusor as too cowardly. So instead of ‘you are wrong here is why.’ Go with ‘Hey help me try seeing what makes you see this as wrong.’

After all even if I disagree with my parents cynicism… Fact is right now I’ve been off SNAP for the past three months with no explaination, and I am disabled. My mom has severe joint issues and her heart is only at 60% of what it should be yet she has been outright refused whereas her sister had a broke leg and got disability… For some damned reason and we have a now ex husband of my aunt (dad’s side of family) who gets monthly benefits and runs around being a scumbag so me going 'here is why you are wrong would go over about as well as me hitting them with a rotted fish.


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