SF Public Library Teen Center needs naming ideas

Continuing the discussion from Libraries and makerspaces join up in DC, Chicago:

At the suggestion of @codinghorror I’m soliciting ideas to name the new teen center under construction at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library. A youth council has already come up with a few and will have final say on branding decisions but I’d like to give them a few more ideas to choose from.

The space will include amenities such as a performing arts space, computer labs, a lounge area, a maker space, and several shelves filled with dead trees that have been pounded flat and decorated with tiny blots of ink.

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Naming is really frigging hard, first of all.

  • is this really only for “teens”?
  • perhaps a name that reflects the actual activities offered?
  • how about using the name of a person or event or location that inspires the relevant audience?

All the names I can think of are lame. Mostly I want to “steal” or remix other names for young adult spaces but I can’t figure out where to look. With that in mind how about a creative commons inspired name?

Rework, Reuse, Remix Zone?

I got nothin’, man.

Yep, it’s pretty much teen specific. I’m trying to guide the process but let the youth feel a real sense of ownership for whatever we end up with. We have a list of names they’ve come up with so far but the best ones are all in use by one or more organizations elsewhere.