Shameless: rogue Lords sneak Snooper's Charter back in AGAIN


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I was right, they are trying to spam us into submission!

What’s the procedure for getting rid of a Lord or four? The Parliamentary procedure, I mean, not the Game of Thrones version.


I don’t know about you, but anybody else scared – nay, terrified – of these jokers’ abuse of their power? One who causes terror for political gain – isn’t there a word for that? And aren’t there laws designed to imprison people who cause terror for political gain?


A friend has just suggested starting a petition to remove them.

It is probably more realistic than my desire to do what William Morris suggested, turn the Houses of Parliament into a manure heap.


I always thought Ian Blair was a complete tosser when he was in charge of the Met. Seems nothing changes.


Shameless: rogue Lords sneak Snooper’s Charter back in AGAIN

Corrupt: Fuckwitted fascists abuse unwarranted plutocratic power in service of megalomaniacal old boys network. AGAIN.

This is fun.


Well I disagree, but I’m American. It’s easy to imagine, here.

EDIT: Aha, I think I found your problem:

The four peers in question all come from the security establishment…

Note to England: Do not give patents of nobility to power-hungry thugs. Here in the US, our power-hungry thugs are commoners like everybody else.


You need an Act of Parliament, which is authorized by the monarchy, to remove an individual Lord. The last time this happened was during WW1, when the Dukes of Cumberland and Albany were both removed for committing treason by allying with the Germans.

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I don’t know if I’d consider them “rogue Lords” - that implies they’re out of control / disobedient to those in charge. I’d think this action shows that they’re doing exactly what their masters want them to do.

[quote=“Nelsie, post:2, topic:51069, full:true”]What’s the procedure for getting rid of a Lord or four? The Parliamentary procedure, I mean, not the Game of Thrones version.[/quote]I dunno, with guys like these, the GoT method keeps looking better and better.



naked abuse of the democratic process

I’m American, but… the House of Lords is not elected, so that part of the process is not democratic. Not that it matters much - I know how my own government;s elected officials act.

i thought lording mindless bigoted fools is a time honored tradition in England


Bill of attainder.


Carlile was the supposedly independent advisor on terrorism legislation who never once found against the government of the day in either the planning or execution of our appalling anti-terror laws.

And Blair was a supposedly non-political head of the Metropolitan Police who repeatedly lobbied to the press for the introduction of ID cards in the run-up to an election where these were a political issue.

West is the sort of person who if they didn’t exist couldn’t be written into fiction because they seem too far-fetched. He once went on national radio talking about non-lethal weapons and said: “Lets say now we’re off Weymouth in 2012 and we’re doing the Olympic games, and we suddenly find a boat,” he told the Beeb, adding that there were “stupid individuals” about at such times - offering as an example “a bunch of topless lovelies heading around having had too much to drink”.

(Thank-you ‘The Register’ )

As for King, he pontificates about social media but admits he doesn’t use it.

They’re all washed up securicrats who seem to share a disturbing fetish for police states.


The kind of people doing this get a hard on at the moral outrage of humane libertarians freaking out as they discover, again and again, that democracy is merely a veneer for a bedrock of feudalism.

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Well certainly, old chap, the hoi polloi rarely musters a sufficient attention span to register who is running the country…

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I had two Irish and Scottish friends who both used to say that Guy Fawkes was a man ahead of his time.


No one on here seems to know fuck all about the history of English politics. Not even the author.

The thing about history is that there’s an awful lot of it. Which particulars bits do you feel we’ve missed?

Normal course of business, I’d say. How many times do we have to defeat CISPA, SOPA, TPP here in the US? All of the times.

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