UK Parliament votes in Snoopers Charter, now it goes to the House of Lords

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And the Labour Party wonders why it can’t win anything and has been annihilated by the SNP in Scotland.

Fucking pathetic ‘opposition’.


I wonder if my fat waste of space MP voted for this.


Not sure if there were any Labour rebels. I thought the Nos were LibDems, SNP and Green.


Looks like two Labour rebels - Dennis Skinner, natch, and David Winnick. Plus one Tory, Daniel Kawczynski

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Mine’s Nick Brown. He’s not one for rocking the boat. He did, indeed, vote yes. Fucker.

So did mine.

I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.

Mine went with the majority decision as well but i didn’t vote for his predecessor at the last election anyway.

It might be worth sending a succinct, polite email* to a few lords - - i’ve already written to 2 who have raised the topic of this bill in the past.

*I say email but i doubt a lot of them have email, it’ll be sent through traditional means so i suggest we make a start now.

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Unfortunately Tony Blair’s “reforms” of the House of Lords means that it’s now full of appointed lifelords, who are probably more likely to vote according to party lines.


A victory for #supportoursnoops


Thanks for this - I was wondering if there is a list. Looks like my MP was one of the noes, for all the good it did.

Who read Orwell thinking it was a manual for enlightened democracy?!?

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