UK Parliament votes in Snoopers Charter, now it goes to the House of Lords


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And the Labour Party wonders why it can’t win anything and has been annihilated by the SNP in Scotland.

Fucking pathetic ‘opposition’.


I wonder if my fat waste of space MP voted for this.


Not sure if there were any Labour rebels. I thought the Nos were LibDems, SNP and Green.


Looks like two Labour rebels - Dennis Skinner, natch, and David Winnick. Plus one Tory, Daniel Kawczynski


Mine’s Nick Brown. He’s not one for rocking the boat. He did, indeed, vote yes. Fucker.


So did mine.

I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.


Mine went with the majority decision as well but i didn’t vote for his predecessor at the last election anyway.

It might be worth sending a succinct, polite email* to a few lords - - i’ve already written to 2 who have raised the topic of this bill in the past.

*I say email but i doubt a lot of them have email, it’ll be sent through traditional means so i suggest we make a start now.


Unfortunately Tony Blair’s “reforms” of the House of Lords means that it’s now full of appointed lifelords, who are probably more likely to vote according to party lines.


A victory for #supportoursnoops


Thanks for this - I was wondering if there is a list. Looks like my MP was one of the noes, for all the good it did.


Who read Orwell thinking it was a manual for enlightened democracy?!?


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