Shanghai hotel provides smog-masks for guests


Ironically produced by a smog bellowing factory.


Unfortunately I followed the link and don’t see a photo of an actual mask. I think that’s far more likely to be a fancy bag for an escape mask–something that many Chinese hotel rooms have–especially the ones more than 10 or 15 stories. The size is about right.

Cory: don’t you remember seeing these tucked in the closets behind the empty blankets? Or you too busy MccGyvering coffee solutions when you travelled there?


That’s an interesting question: Would the natives be offended if a visitor wore a serious respirator rather than the paper things that never seal well enough to the face?

(I’ve got a proper dual-filter dust-and-organics mask in my workshop.)

I remember one year when my college gave out those paper masks because there was a huge wildfire nearby. I will never forget looking towards the fire and seeing the mountains glowing or walking to class with ash raining down.

Yay, vacation!

It’s entrepeneurship like this that the Clean Air Act and the EPA in general are shutting down. Just think of all the small business opportunities we could create by removing these obvious impediments to a free market.

(that was sarcasm, but discourse didn’t like my close sarcasm tag)

My favorite response to anybody who starts on the Clean Air Act or the EPA is “Have you seen the weather forecast for Beijing?”


MY hotel gives THESE out

Whoa, I would pay for these bags. Not the gas masks, just the bags.

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Are you my mummy?

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technogeek​again: your dust mask probably isn’t designed to filter out PM1/2.5/10 although, of course, I can’t be sure about that - perhaps you have a special or versatile mask. I think the masks that most folks are wearing there are (or should be) filtering out those very small particles. The following link has a little review of various masks from 3M and other companies - some local to that part of the world - that make masks specifically designed to deal with heavy levels of pollution.

And what genius told the rocket scientist that the mask was for smog?? They’re for use during a fire stupid. Such masks have been available for years in some Chinese hotels and even budget (Motel 7) motels. Amazing anyone would believe the masks were for smog.

Ah, but THIS time, EVERYBODY lives !!!

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You see how someone said that above, only politely? That was nice.


What’s so unbelievable about it?

I came in here to say that it’s shocking to me that smog has gotten so bad in Shanghai since I was there about 7 years ago (when there was no smog at all), that hotels would be offering such a thing. But since it appears that this mask is in case of fire, not for smog,

1 Like$s7product$ … but, granted, only with nuisance-dust filters over the organic vapor cartridges, not HEPA.

Yes, saw these in our hotels in Shanghai and in Nanjing. They are for escaping the building in case of fire, not for walking around in the city.

I would be so tempted to steal the bag. Can you buy them?

Here’s something similar, if you want to buy 1000 of them: