Beijing subway ad for an anti-smog rebreather


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This reminds me, the sequel to the 1982 documentary “Blade Runner” is coming out soon.


See? When you unburden industry from job-killing regulations, such as the Clean Air Act, innovation flourishes. This new product is a shining example of what the Job Creators have in store for us!


Immortan Jane. Don’t let the hoses get tangled in the wheels of passing cars!


May your jog be shiny and chrome!


Should I post the Blazing Saddles link? :thinking:


It works better if you dont shave your pits.


It’s called the “iGasp.”



…It really needs a way to DRM the filters so that you can maximize the price that you charge for them.


Aerobic fitness matters even when your epidermis is corroding away from very air around you.


Clearly, this is a sign that the Chinese have outpaced the West in a dramatic fashion and we must work tirelessly until everyone is using a rebreather.


May your shiny chrome jog transform you into a caucasian woman.


I would totally wear one of those during allergy season.


Yes, it’s interesting though the ad is intended for an exclusively Chinese audience the the beautiful model is not Chinese.


I often see that here. Sometimes it seems to intend to give the product an air of Western sophistication, or to imply that the product isn’t cheap Chinese crap. The better off Chinese don’t seem to trust Chinese goods much.


The photo may not have been created just for a Chinese audience. Joggers and cyclists in polluted cities all over the world buy filter masks.


They are missing the mark by not including the built in bluetooth headphones and or Phone holder.

I’d hate to see the tangled mess if you wore the rebreather on one arm and your phone on the other. Breathing tube going THIS way, Headphone cord swinging THAT way.


I think that this is a filter rather than a rebreather, like the Proto in the photo from TheGreatParis. In a rebreather, the same nitrogen is used over and over, after the CO2 is removed and oxygen is added. This allows operation in an atmosphere deficient of oxygen or with gasses unanticipated when the filter was designed. This mask OTOH, seems to have only one hose from the filter and an exhale valve on the other side of the mask.


If the pollution is as bad as it looks, then that tiny filter will be full really fast.