Here's what Chinese smog does to a high-speed train


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Easy solution: paint the trains brown.


China must be in it deeper than I thought.


Yeah – it actually looks better that way from the start. The white train looks too much like a prop from bad 1970s SF.


I kind of like the antique patina, it adds charm. Just the kind of positive side-effect we can expect with the New Improved EPA!


Ironic. If we had a bunch of trains like these, we’d have a lot less pollution.*

*Assuming we don’t re-institute coal as our primary energy source.




Model railroader’s first thought: “Nice weathering!!”


So does the guy standing next to the white train.


Whereas the version covered in grime looks like a prop from low-budget 1980s SF.


Awesome. As soon as we dismantle the EPA we’ll have brown trains too!



Pornstaches and two bellybuttons.

The main character was Dylan Hunt, name recycled for Andromeda.


I was in bar in Belgrade, Serbia last year where EVERYONE smokes. It was like a smoke screen effect had been deployed in there. Thick. The walls were so yellow brown and you could see much brighter areas behind pictures, etc. I’m thinking that I probably looked that train after walking through to get a drink.

Trains here in the US are dirty but this takes the cake. Airplanes are dirty too. They just get washed so often you don’t realize it.

Don’t worry. This could never happen here…


Always thought Pornstacios would be a great dessert option. Especially on trains.


Now do you people see why we have to defund Amtrak?


Here’s a picture I took in Shanghai in 2009.

That’s not fog.


Yeah, but think of how much money their industry is making.

That’s all that matters, right?


Nice. Completely blade-runner-ed it up.


And that’s not a bad day. Looks to be about 150 2.5ppm or better. You can detect some blue in the sky. I bet you could even see the sun at times.

I had an apartment on the 33rd floor in China. Days when you couldn’t see the ground were scary! I had to sweep the floor daily to clear the soot. Otherwise there would be black footprints when you got out of the shower.

Things are getting better, but still scary.