Timelapse of dangerous Beijing smog rolling in


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Reaching for my rescue inhaler.


Incorrect. This is a sandstorm from the Gobi. Smog doesn’t roll in, it slowly rises from the ground.


The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.



Beijing sure has a lot of sandstorms these days. Maybe it’s global warming, I’m no scientist.


Jeezus they drive fast!


Hopefully they’ll be able to restrict fireworks, because the smog generally peaks around Chinese New Year.


Well we do know that climate change is a Chinese hoax. Herr Drumpf says so!


Actually it’s a lot more immediate than global warming, the Gobi has been desertizing at a fairly rapid clip due to deforestation and grazing.


Well, my city isn’t as bad as Beijing lately (I think), but it’s still pretty damn bad, over 500 PSI, and assholes are still setting off fireworks at night. Perhaps they’re trying to scare the pollution away.


I’m used to 14.7!


Did anyone else misread this headline as “Timelapse of dangerous BoingBoing smug rolling in”?



I saw up to AQI 1000 in 2013, and that felt pretty apocalyptic. At the time Shenyang and Beijing were about as bad as each other, and people were really starting to get alarmed at how bad it was. I think that was the year one of the nicest hotels in Shenyang was set on fire by fireworks, and I think the same thing happened to a pretty famous building in Beijing the year before.

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