Share your old furniture and more via stooping-focused social media

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New boss, same as the old boss…
Sheeyit. Was curbsiding 30 years. Just didn’t have a fancy new name and Insta pix


We did a lot of this during our recent move. We tried to sell a few things with no luck using Facebook market and some other sites. Tried giving them away with only slighter better results. We finally resorted to carrying things down our steep driveway to the side of the road with a “FREE” sign on them, and almost all of them were scooped up and carried off in under an hour. There was almost nothing we had to carry back up. About the only thing we couldn’t give away at all was our old china cabinet. Not much demand for those these days it seems.


:thinking: It’s pretty common practice here (Ontario :canada:) too. Especially when the students are moving here in September, you can put stuff out with a “Free to a Good Home” sign and it’s gone in hours.

The next level up is out in farm country, where places like the the Armow Waste Management Centre, a.k.a. the Armow Mall, near Kincardine do a brisk trade without a penny changing hands.

At the top of the heap is is the dump in Yellowknife, NWT :canada:, a.k.a. Y-KEA where re-use is king.

Gone, sadly, are the days of The Royal Order of Ontario Hydro Garbage Pickers. Power stations have the best garbage.


I just leave stuff in my back alley with a “free” sign. I usually also put some photos on Facebook Marketplace (only reason I still have an account any more) and just say “free for the first person who grabs it”. It usually works out and seems to be pretty common around here.

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“Stooping-focused social media” is a longer, fancier way to say “photographed garbage/trash picking.” /shrug

Super common here in BC too.

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