Shatner sells you a Commodore VIC-20

That reminds me of his appearance in a Simpsons episode. At the end he said, “And now I’m going to go back to whatever it is that I do.”

I understand asking, “What exactly does George Plimpton do?” was a running joke whenever he made an appearance, but it’s one I still don’t understand. He tried things–like trying out for football and baseball teams–and would write about his experiences. To ask what he did is to imply that writing isn’t a profession.


Wow this whole thread is a whole lot of win. Great clips (wave of nostalgia engulfing…)

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I have a book about the VIC 20 on Kickstarter right now; the goal has been reached and it should be ready by the end of November. Please take a look at the campaign description if you’re interested or just curious!
Thank you :slight_smile:


First time I remember seeing George Plimpton was when he would host Mousterpiece Theater on the Disney Channel (back when they showed cartoons).

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