Shave the corpse


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As our friends at Weird Universe noted, Shave the Corpse would make a terrific band name.

Yes. Yes it would.


I’m humming to the tune of


By all accounts, corpse preparation is one of those things you really don’t want to know much about.


I prefer the name Shaved Corpse for a band.

Of course none of the band members would be shaved. Because irony.


I’m hoping the bass player would at least be a corpse.


It’s not a great band name.
But it’s an excelent album title.


It certainly should be the next British Eurovision entry.

We’ve tried cheese, we’ve tried Andrew Lloyd Webber, we’ve tried boy bands - let’s see if unmitigated bad taste secures us the glorious crystal dildo trophy.


But how will does it work on the living?


I think I like

Save the Corpse
Have the Corpse
Half the Corpse
Halfling Corpse
Shave the halfling corpse
Pave the Corpse
Knave of Corpse



Casket and …Sunnyside?


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