Weird and/or bad original names of now-famous bands


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I rather like “The Young Aborigines”.

Also, “Tony Flow and ,” was a good name, but it could be longer.


One of these bands deserves their original, awful name.


So maybe Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will finally have a comeback when they change their name to The Old Pickled Bell Peppers


I kinda like The Obelisk. And Creed might be a better name than Naked Toddler, but the band still sucked.


Then there are some original names that may be considered better… The Quarrymen and Johnny and the Moondogs are pretty awesome band names…


I think “The Obelisk” just paints the wrong picture for The Cure:

The Obelisk: a 5 piece progressive death metal band from Chicago.

Obelisk: a 6-piece melodic death metal band from Nashville.

Obelisk: a 4-piece progressive metal band from Pittsburgh.

Black Obelisk: a 4-piece hard rock / thrash metal band from Moscow.


Some other bands left out:

Throbbing Gristle
Original name: Jazz Slaves Local #67

Original name: Perineal

Fuck Buttons
Original name: The Fuzzy

Butthole Surfers
Original name: Butthole Surfers

ETA: I may or may not have totally made these up.


“You’ll always be Les Tossers to me”:


A lot of those names aren’t half bad. Is it legal to recycle them?


When The Iveys needed a new name after they signed to Apple Records, John wanted to name them The Glass Onion, and Paul wanted to name them Home. They went with Badfinger.


I’m kind of surprised they were that tame to start with!


Thank God that one worked out in the end. Badfinger was by far the only good option.


Wicked Lester >>> Kiss


The world might have been different if The Polka Tulk Blues Band hadn’t changed their name…


That was easily the biggest 180° in the list. My jaw actually went slack a little reading that one.


Kinda down with Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem


Perineal is a gucking great band name!


They might still be in Carlisle? They only changed their name to Black Sabbath after they moved back to Birmingham.


I’m pretty sure the Beachboys were origially The PendleTONES.